SmartFocus Data Subject Request form for GDPR

  • If you receive a marketing message from an organisation (via our service) and you wish to exercise your rights in respect of your personal data, you will need to directly contact that organisation. 

  • This is because SmartFocus processes personal data in the delivery of its services for our clients and it is that organisation which will be the data controller responsible for responding to your request.

  • The identity of the organisation sending the marketing communication should be clear from the message you receive.

Effective 25th May 2018

SmartFocus provides a form (see below) which can be accessed below to facilitate requests from individuals to find out or exercise their rights (see below) in relation to their personal data, where SmartFocus is the data controller (i.e. we decide how and why the personal data is collected, processed and used). You can find out more about how we collect process and use personal data and your rights by accessing our Privacy Notice.

If you are a client or business contact of SmartFocus and wish to opt out of receiving further marketing communications from us, you can do so by following the unsubscribe link which will be found on the bottom of every marketing email from us or you can email us at

Your rights where SmartFocus is the data controller

If SmartFocus is the data controller of your information, we expect to respond to your request within one month of receipt of a fully completed request form and proof of your identity. 

In addition to exercising your right to obtain information or obtain a copy of your personal information you may also have the right to request:

  • correction of your personal data;
  • deletion of your personal data;
  • that we restrict or stop certain types of data processing;
  • to find out about any automatic processing of your personal data;
  • to transfer your personal data in certain circumstances to another provider.

Please see further details on your rights in our Privacy Notice (or your Employee Privacy Notice).  If you have any questions on how we use your personal data or wish to raise a complaint, please contact our data protection officer (DPO) by email to
If your concern is not resolved, you have the right to complain to the appropriate data protection authority, which may be the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office available via

How to apply for personal information held about you by SmartFocus

Please complete the data subject request form below and attach it to an email which should be sent to, or if you would prefer to submit a hard copy, please send your completed form to: Data Protection Officer, SmartFocus,The Space, Fourth Floor, One Thomas More Square, London E1W 1YN.

Download Form

Proof of identity

To help us establish your identity your application form must be accompanied by two pieces of identification that between them clearly show your name, date of birth and current address (or the identity of the applicant, if you are submitting this form on behalf of someone else). 

Please upload a photocopy or scanned image of one of the following as proof of your identity: Passport photograph page or other national identity card, birth or adoption certificate or photocard driving licence.

Please also upload a copy of a bank statement or utility bill dated within the last three months as proof of your address.

We may request additional information from you to help confirm your identity, if necessary.

This is to ensure that we are only sending information to the data subject and not to a third party. If none of these are available, please contact for advice on other acceptable forms of identification.

If you are applying on behalf of someone else, we accept a copy of the following as proof of your legal authority to act on the data subject’s behalf: a written consent signed by the individual on whose behalf you are acting,a certified copy of a Power of Attorney, or evidence of parental responsibility or other proof of authority.

Information requested

To help us process your request quickly and efficiently, please provide as much detail as possible about the personal data you want. If possible, restrict your request to a particular service, department, teams or individuals or incident.  Please include time frames, dates, names, types of documents, any file numbers or reference and any other information to help us locate your personal data.  Where you wish to seek information, which may be contained in emails, please provide details of the sender and recipient and the approximate date period to help us find this information.

We may need to contact you for additional information if the scope of your request is unclear or does not provide sufficient information for us to conduct a search. We will begin processing your request as soon as we have verified your identity and have all of the information we need to locate your personal data.

There will not normally be a fee to respond to your request – except if your request is unfounded or excessive or if additional copies are requested, an administrative fee might be charged for provided to cover the costs of providing copies or we may have grounds to refuse your request.